Ми найбільша у Швейцарії профспілка й організація з питань міграції та виступаємо за рівні права для всіх найманих працівників незалежно від їхньої національності. Тут ми зібрали для українських колег найнеобхіднішу довідкову інформацію, яку пропонуємо українською мовою.

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A united front for good working conditions

The Unia trade union is committed to good working conditions and social benefits. In negotiations on collective labour agreements, the needs of its members in all sectors are taken into account. Unia represents the interests of all employees and offers its members individual advice, legal protection and further services.

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Coronavirus: what are my rights?

Do I have a right to get paid if I am sent home with a fever? Is my employer allowed to order a quarantine? Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

A man is remote working from a kitchen

Survey in industry

What do you think about remote work?

Working Conditions in Switzerland

Working Conditions in Switzerland

Employees enjoy only limited protection under Swiss law. The best protection is offered by collective labour agreements negotiated between trade unions and employers.

Unemployed: what to do?

Register immediately as an unemployed person, even if you have just received notice of termination and are still in employment.